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   ​​​The Dance Establishment originated in 1979.  The first TDE studio was in Plain City, Utah in an old house.  The first TDE show was in 1980 at Plain City Elementary School.  We now have two studios, in Plain City and Ogden, 11 Competition teams, and 20 instructors .  We have done two shows a year for the last 38 years.  We put on our annual Christmas Special at a local High School and our End of the Year Show at Weber State University.  Our teachers are Brandy Hancock, Laurie Smith, Kaylee Hardy, Danielle Haymond, Jennie Blodgett, Tayler Lowe, Chauni  Ahlstrom , Jen Sedgwick, Rose Story, LouAnn Clark, Mickenzie Beckett, Natalie Burrell, Chase Wise, Brooke Dahlberg, Amber Olsen, Nicole Langston, Bralee Hancock, Kaitlyn Smith, Laurie Giles, and Cambrye Morris.  Collectively we have over 394 years of dancing and over 260 years of teaching. 
   ​We offer Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Acro, Adult Tap, Adult Jazz and Tumbling.  We start dancers at age 3 and our oldest dancer is 83.  We have competition teams for those looking for more intense training and we also offer recreational classes for those who want a once a week experience.  Our recreational classes start out tap and ballet combo, then tap, ballet and jazz combo, then jazz and lyrical combo.  Class fees start at $33.00 a month.  We also offer morning classes for 3-5 year olds.  New this year we are offering a High School Competition team perfect for the busy high schooler who still wants to compete and dance one night a week. 


As dance has evolved over the last 38 years, so has The Dance Establishment. While staying true to our roots of technique and ballet, we have incorporated the  new styles of lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and much more and have transformed our logo to reflect that.